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Back pain

Do you suffer from back pain?

Cycling may help you.

Want to know more - then explore this page.
Disclaimer: Note that the author does not have any medical training. No responsibility can be accepted for any harm caused by the advice given here.

In all health matters, if you are not sure that a suggestion may be safe or helpful to your condition seek medical advice from your doctor.

It would help you to understand my advice if I briefly explain my back problem.

  • I damaged my back driving a farm tractor nearly 30 years ago. I was jolted and bounced around too much.
  • This has worn many of the joints.
  • I have had two major back operations just over 20 years ago (laminectomy and fusion).
  • I cannot lift anything heavier than 10kg.
  • Many activities such as gardening and decorating my house, are not possible, or very difficult.
  • Running can start back pain.
  • If I am suffering from a time of bad pain, walking can make it worse.

I believe that cycling can help back sufferers in two ways.

  1. If you are in a time of good health, cycling may be able to keep you fit and more able to prevent times of pain.

    I find, my back can easily become stiff or tense. This will often then be the start of another time when back pain occurs.

  2. During a time when your back is painful, cycling may be able to speed your recovery.

    There are times when my back is painful, but I am able to still get on to my bike. If I can, I will go for a gentle ride. In my case it seems that this will quite often help me recover.

Does this mean that I will always ride my bicycle?

The answer - is no!

Remember - I am not a doctor, but for me it seems that cycling keeps me mobile. The movements in cycling are gentle, there are no sudden jolts, or jars that can start problems.

For me, this movement seems to be very important. It is generally accepted that any healing is greatly encouraged by moving the damaged area and I believe this is the reason that for some people, biking can help ease back pain.

In cycling the back is moved from side to side as your legs go up and down. Unless you are trying to cycle too hard, or your bicycle is not the right size or setting for you, you should find this movement is only gentle.

I suggest you try a short ride of no more than 5 minutes.

If this does not make your back pain worse, wait for several days to confirm it is still OK, and then go for another ride.

Each time you go out for a ride, stay out for a bit longer each time.

After a while you will know if cycling is making your back pain worse, or helping to make you better.

Always, do not try to do too much, too soon. Be gentle and careful in how you start to try and find out if cycling can help you.

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