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My holidays in Holland

Later in 1997 I went on another cycling holiday. This time it was totally different, it was not in England and I was not on my own. I went with a group from Oak Hall Expeditions to Holland. We travelled by coach from England with most of our bikes in a trailer behind the coach. We spent a wonderful time camping in the northern provinces of the Netherlands and riding from one campsite to another, then exploring the areas around each campsite. It made a big change to cycle with a group of people and I very much enjoyed it. Also Holland is very flat, and it was much easier to ride there. Even though it was flat, this did not mean that the scenery was boring, Holland is a lovely country to see and I would recommend it. We stayed at some very good campsites that had everything that you need.

I enjoyed my trip to Holland so much that I went the next year! Again it was with Oak Hall Expeditions , but this time we travelled around the southern part of Holland. As well as staying near towns and villages, we stopped in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. The canals and different styles of buildings made this a very interesting part of our holiday. From here we went by train to the south east of the country and then cycled along the coast by the North Sea. There we had the privilege of seeing how the Dutch reclaimed the land from the sea by building dykes (which are like walls) and then pumping the sea water out from the land. As we cycled along by the coast there was part of our journey that went up and down. Yes, we did find some small hills! Again we enjoyed a great cycling holiday in a super country where the people are very friendly and welcoming.

One thing that is so very good about the Netherlands are the facilities provided for cycling. Cycle paths are everywhere! Most of the time you cycle without being next to cars.

On both my holidays here, people said that if cycling was as good as this at home in England, they would cycle in the United Kingdom.

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