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Learning to ride

This is not how we want to finish up like!

If it is a child you want to teach, why not visit
Teaching Kids to Ride .

So let's start slowly and simply.

  • Firstly don't bother with the pedals yet - that's right leave them alone.

  • Lower the seat until you can easily touch the ground, ideally you want to get your feet flat on the ground.

  • Now find somewhere without any vehicles, possibly an empty parking lot or somewhere safe like that. If you can, find one that has a mild slope.

  • Then just start pushing yourself along with your feet. Try using the brakes so you get able to stop, also start doing some gentle turns. When you get to be confident with this, use the slope to coast downhill. As you go downhill, gradually lift your feet and coast along.

Do not try THIS just yet!

  • When feel more confident, start to raise the seat by about half an inch and try some more pushing yourself around and then coasting down the slope. Then raise the seat another half an inch and carry on again with the pushing and coasting.

  • When the seat is high enough, try resting one foot and then the other on the pedals when you are coasting. Just do it for a couple of seconds to start with.

  • Keep increasing your confidence like this and before you know it, you will start to push the pedals round!

It will then be time to think where you are going to ride to!!

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