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What types of bike are there

  Are you confused by all the different types of bicycle there are?

There are so many varied styles that it seems difficult to know which one to use.

There are four main types of bike that you can get:- Mountain , Road racing , Touring and Hybrid .

Mountain bikes
  • Originally made to go along rough mountain tracks.
  • They have fat tires with lots of grip, wide handlebars and lots of gears.
  • Are easy to ride.
  • Ideal for using on rough ground and also in towns and cities.
  • If you want to ride long distances on good roads, these are not the best to use.

Road racing bikes
  • Made for speed
  • These are very light. They have very thin tires, drop handlebars and not so many gears.
  • Are not made for comfort or carrying any type of load.
  • If you ever see pictures of the famous bike race The Tour de France , these are racing bikes.

Touring bikes
  • These look almost the same as racing bikes.
  • The main difference is that they are stronger and can carry loads.
  • The shape is slightly different and this makes them more comfortable.

Hybrid bikes
  • This may look like a mountain bike, but it has some of the features of the touring bikes.
  • It is designed to be able to go on rough ground like a mountain bike, but not over very bumpy ground.
  • It can also be used for touring, but it is not as fast as the touring bike.

Although this guide gives you help on what type of bike to get, if you are not sure, ask for advice.

Find someone who has cycled for quite a long time, or use a good bicycle shop.

To start riding.

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