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Why ride a bike

Is this your picture of cycling?

Well start to bike today for fun and if you eventually get more serious - great, but start to cycle now .

Did you know:

  • Biking can be great fun
  • Cycling can be very enjoyable
  • Getting on your bike can improve your fitness

Are you still not sure if your want to get on a bike? Then why not look at my biking story and see why I think cycling is such a great hobby. If you have read the update to my story, see that in November 2007 another chapter in the story has begun.

Otherwise explore this site for practical help on:

  • what types of bike are there - mountain, hybrid, racer and touring
  • how to start building up your rides
  • where to ride
  • suggestions for who to ride with



If you suffer from back pain , why not look at my page about back pain and cycling. 

Not sure what the different parts of a bike are called? Your problem is solved! Look at this picture of a bicycle with the components labelled.


So if you want help on bicycling for beginners, cycling for novices, explore this site.  

Now read about my cycling story.

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